A professional-grade device allowing for the instantaneous appearance of a dove without the cover of a silk handkerchief.
Daniel Ka is an award-winning magician from Spain and devised his dove bags and harnesses while building his award-winning doves act.

With Daniel's harness you can instantly produce a dove without the need of a silk to hide the steal. You can produce a dove out of a pair of gloves, on a cane, in a balloon, or you can split a dove into two, all while leaving the dove perfectly comfortable in the harness without fear or any harm to the animal.

Very easy to install and with two different size settings for different sized birds. Included in the package is a gimmick for easy loading of a dove into a dove pocket, which as you may well know can be the most difficult part.

Professionally constructed for the ardent dove-worker. Ultra smooth working.

  • Very easy to install. 
  • Two different size settings for different sized birds. 
  • Included is a gimmick for easy loading of the dove into the dove pocket. 
  • Safe design. 
  • Very comfortable for the dove. 
  • A device tested in thousands of shows.


"For any dove worker I would recommend this VERY HIGHLY. It makes me want to get back in to doves." - Paul Romhany. 


"It works really well." - Ekaterina, Reviewer.

Ultimate Invisible Dove Harness by Daniel Ka




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