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Lecture Notes from Daniel Ka's mentalism lecture.

Digital Download. PDF format (76 pages).

Includes a link to a video with one of Daniel's lectures with some of the material on the notes.


In this lecture Daniel Ka shares some of his mentalism ideas for the first time, teaching 4 different routines with different ideas and variations, plus some essays.


Lecture content:

-Impossible Predictions. A very strong multi-phase mentalism routine with cards. This is Daniel’s personal favourite and he’s been performing it for the last 5 years with great success at every walk around gig he does, on TV and even onstage. For the first time he will share his stage version of this very strong routine. Furthermore, he will explain the close-up version and a lot of extra ideas with it. This is a perfect routine for online performances.

-Adding music to a mentalism performance. Because of his background in music, this is something very important in all his show and that’s what he will talk about, the importance of music during a mentalism performance and tips on how to use/create/choose the music.

-Spectator Magician. An amazing easy to do routine where an audience member becomes a mentalist and performs the magic himself.

-Amigo. A meaningful mentalism effect with a powerful message. Very easy to do and perfect for any situation: intimate one to one performances, walking around gigs or even stage shows. An online version is also included.

-WhatsApp mind-reading. A new concept that opens a lot of possibilities to mentalists.

Mentalism Lecture Notes by Daniel Ka




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