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Based on Triple Coincidence (Christian Schenk) and Trilogy (Brian Caswell), this truly impossible prediction effect will leave your spectators stunned.



This is the stage version of Daniel Ka's Impossible Predictions. The main difference is the size of the deck (on this version you get a Phoenix Parlour sized deck), and the presentation. This is definitely a pack small / play big effect. Included is an A4 sketch pad for the predictions and 3 special velvet necklaces for the audience members to attach their cards to.


Two spectators think of two random numbers between 1 and 52 and a third spectator thinks of any playing card, all while the magician makes a prediction for each of the three spectators in a sketch pad.
The magician takes a deck of cards that has been visible the whole time, resting on the table in full view of the audience, showing every card to have a different number written on its back from 1 to 52.

After distributing the handwritten predictions to each spectator, the magician locates the cards with the two selected numbers and gives them to the first two spectators, and the selected playing card to the third spectator. They open the predictions to see if the outcomes are correct, and indeed they are, the thought numbers have the correctly predicted cards on them and the third spectator’s thought card has the correctly predicted number on its back.

Daniel Ka’s “Impossible Prediction” is a really strong routine with triple-whammy impact on your audience. A clean, magical and impossible mentalism routine.

  • Deck ready to perform. 
  • Very easy to perform. Completely automatic. 
  • Only one deck used, and it is in full view of the audience before the effect. 
  • No forces. 
  • Packs small, plays big.
  • Parlour sized deck for a high visibility in any size venue. 



-A ready to perform parlour sized deck. 

-A special crib-sheet sticker.

-Link to performance videos and a 20 pages pdf manual with the explanation, different presentations, and some extra information (English and Spanish).



If you choose 2 decks, you will get all the items listed above plus an extra ready to perform deck with different force values at a discounted price.



Online version (using the Poker sized deck) during a lecture for magicians:



"This is a beautiful package. To be honest, I don't normally use cards in my shows and if I do, normally it's this kind of routine. For sure, 100%, I'm going to do this routine. And this works perfect online. Honestly, if you want a strong routine with cards, you'll be really pleased. An incredible worker. You are going to use it. Everything is really thought and the beauty of it, it's already made for you. This is fantastic. And he also added a very clever psychological wording in how to make specific things in the routine. When I saw it I said, why I didn't think of that?" - Luca Volpe.


“Daniel Ka is a rising star in magic… His mind works in wonderful ways. Now he is sharing his secrets with our community. Daniel’s creations will help make you a better performer!”
– Jeff McBride, Las Vegas headliner

“Daniel Ka’s “Impossible Predictions” is a real fooler. The method is deep and subtle, and his presentation is clean as a whistle. You will astonish people with this terrific mind-reading routine, including magicians and mentalists.”
– Dr. Larry Hass, Associate Dean of Jeff McBride’s Magic & Mystery School


"This effect is going straight into my performing repertoire. What I love about this routine is that it naturally has a big presentation, involving more people in the effect." - Nique Tan.


"When it comes to mentalism with playing cards, Impossible Predictions offers a powerful effect that packs a wallop, is easy to perform - you can focus on presentation, and, offers interaction with three spectators. As such, I really like it." - Wayne Kawamoto, MAGIC Magazine.


BACK IN STOCK. Limited items.

STAGE VERSION - Impossible Predictions by Daniel Ka




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