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Only 3 more units available Ready to ship now.


(Once these 3 are sold, the next batch will ship around the 8th of September).

I'm excited to introduce to you UNMASKED, the new creation from my great friends Arkadio (Spain) and Solange Kardinaly (Portugal).


You can perform two different effects, a card prediction or a character reveal on your mask.

An effect that you are going to have with you wherever you go.

Designed and manufactured by Costumes SK, an original idea created for these times.

-Easy to do.

-Covid-19 tested mask fabric.

-No angles.

-Easy preparation.


Package contents:

- 5 character cards. (High quality, parlour size).

- 1 double change mask.


Thanks to Mister Daba for his advice and bringing this idea to light.

Currently available with the Joker character.

If you want a unique design with your own idea, we'll make it for you. The price varies depending on your design. Please write us with your idea and we'll give you a quote.

Unmasked by Arkadio & Solange

€54,99 Regular Price
€49,99Sale Price



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